Post Beach Skincare

Post Beach Skincare

May 25, 2018Martyn Pearson

After a winter of hiding our skin away under layers of clothes, our summer holiday is finally here and we can’t wait to bare all and hit the beach. The change in environment from being hidden away to being exposed to bright rays of the sun and salty water can result in your skin being confused. Luckily enough we have compiled a 5 step plan to help care for your skin post beach.


1.Take a cool shower

After a long day soaking up the sun’s rays on the beach, sunscreen can build up and clog our pores. Taking a luke warm shower after sunning will help to prolong your had-earned tan.


2. Rehydrate your skin

The sun’s rays are dehydrating to the skin, and can often leave your skin feeling dry and tight. There is nothing worse than peeling skin after a day of tanning revealing a lighter layer underneath. Apply a thick layer of STEAMCREAM after showering to combat the dehydrating effects of sun exposure. Plus, super-hydrating ingredients such as cocoa butter and almond oil will help to prolong hard earned tan your tan giving you that sun kissed glow for longer.


3. Don’t forget your lips

Sand, sun and sea breeze can conspire to create sore chapped lips. Make sure to treat your lips to an extra layer of lip balm


4. Care for your hair

Ok, so this tip is a bit of deviation away from our usual skincare tips but our hair often feels dry and matted after a day at the beach. Use a deep conditioning hair mask in the evening before hitting the beach to prevent tangles. The morning before hitting the beach, try rubbing a bit of STEAMCREAM into the ends of the hair – the essential oils with prevent knotting and damage and will create beautifully smooth hydrated locks. This will hopefully leave you with good beach hair, rather than a matted mess.


5. Rehydrate

Sip on water alongside your cocktail all day and all night. Hydration will not only help prevent a hangover the day after sipping margaritas on the beach, but will also help to prolong your tan.

Top tip- suffering from a little redness from the sun? STEAMCREAM contains soothing lavender and calming chamomile to help to soothe and calm any sore slightly sunburnt skin.

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