Feeling Oaty – Oatmeal Month

Feeling Oaty – Oatmeal Month

Jan 31, 2020Martyn Pearson

Flapjacks, porridge and cookies, there’s no denying that we absolutely love yummy oats. Rich in fibre, omega 3 fatty acids, thiamine, iron, and beta-glucan oats are considered by many as a superfood but did you know that oats can be used in your skincare routine too? STEAMCREAM is created from a base of British oat milk to naturally balance and brighten skin.

More than just food...

More than just food, oats can quickly and easily be transformed into a spot treatment, bath soak, cleanser, or exfoliator. Rich in naturally occurring minerals iron, zinc, manganese and vitamin B, oats have been used in skincare for centuries. In honour of oatmeal month, we thought that we would share our top 3 different ways that we like to transform the humble oat into skincare solutions when we’re feeling crafty.

Targeted Acne Treatment

Oatmeal is naturally soothing and anti-inflammatory, making it the perfect DIY solution for aggravated unbalanced skin. Simply mix one part oats with two parts water and create a water-based porridge. Leave porridge to cool, and then apply to spots as a targeted treatment as needed to remove dead skin cells and soak up any excess oil.


Oats contain naturally occurring skin-soothing avenanthramides, which are the main contributor to the humble oat’s reputation for relieving the symptoms of itchy, irritated and inflamed skin. Oats can also be used to normalize itchy skin by neutralising the skins ph and alleviating irritation. Top tip- try creating your very own DIY oat milk by wrapping up oats in a muslin cloth and steeping in hot water. Squeeze all of the goodness out and use as a cleanser, for naturally soothed skin.


Oat baths are an incredible way to make the most of the goodness of oats. Simply add 1 cup of raw oatmeal to your bath, along with a little splash of honey. Soak for 10 to 20 minutes for beautifully moisturised and rejuvenated skin.

Oats are just one of the powerful ingredients in STEAMCREAM®. Check out useful information on all of them in our ingredient guide.


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