Our Design Collaboration with Kata Kata

Our Design Collaboration with Kata Kata

Jul 12, 2022Gemma McGoldrick

For as long as we have been selling our Original Moisturiser, we have been selling it in a variety of tin designs. We work with lots of different artists, some as a one-off collaboration, and others long-term.

The latest designs? These were created in collaboration with Kata Kata, a fabulous artistic pair well known for using the traditional Japanese dyeing technique of ‘Katazome’ (型染め), which literally means ‘stencil dyeing’. Their original design was created on Japanese washi paper.

Their inspiration? The natural world around them. Their goal is to spark imagination and conversation through their one-of-a-kind handmade products.

Mr. Takeshi Matsunaga learnt the Katazome technique at university, enjoying finding and creating fun shapes within the constraints of stencil dyeing. He especially enjoys the natural graduations and bleeding as a result of this technique, which if you look really carefully can see is reflected in the two tin designs.

Ms. Tomoe Takai has been drawing pictures her whole life, so saw it as a natural fit to move into design after graduation. She started in 2002 and founded Kata Kata in 2004. She learnt the Katazome dyeing technique under her father, the late Nobuyuki Takai, and has been active in this field ever since.

They have designed two Limited Edition designs for us - both inspired by insects and plants, and with hidden creatures, they enjoy seeing if people notice…..

In Momo-to-Tori (literally ‘Peaches and Bird’), a bird is lovingly staring at a deliciously ripe peach. The peach tree has been coloured in blue, giving an image of calm tranquillity and peace.

In Berry-to-Tentoumushi (‘Berries and Ladybird’), they have drawn a small creature that enjoys the blessings of each season while dexterously walking from branch to branch. Blueberries express a fruitful life.

Did you spot the ladybird in both designs? They have introduced these gorgeous ladybirds as a symbol of good luck.

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