Tangerine & Argane: A Journey to Morocco

Tangerine & Argane: A Journey to Morocco

Oct 12, 2021Gemma McGoldrick

The new instalment in our Seasonals Line family has been inspired by Morocco. The ingredients, blended scent and tin design are all bursting with Moroccan inspiration. Want to find out more? Then keep reading.

During late Autumn, the temperature difference between the morning and evening increases. The air becomes colder and drier and humidity levels drop, which subsequently draws moisture out of the skin. Our natural skin circulation also starts to slow down - this leads to fewer nutrients reaching our skin, so it becomes coarse and dry to touch, with a loss of radiance. Harsh winds and dry indoor heat can also exacerbate these skin concerns.

With the Original Moisturiser at its core, NEW Tangerine & Argane Moisturiser has been developed especially for late Autumn (October to November). Blended with antioxidants, skin-repairing Argan oil, moisture-rich Moringa Butter, and skin-smoothing Olive Leaf Ferment Extract, this light cream envelops the skin in a veil of hydration, helping revitalise skin by supporting the skin’s barrier function while plumping and smoothing the complexion for a soft, dewy finish.

And the scent? A heady, uplifting citrus blend of Tangerine, Mandarin and Jasmine that takes your skin and soul on a journey to Morocco.

Our Key Ingredients

So what targeted ingredients have we chosen for Tangerine & Argane, and why?

Argan Oil

Known as ‘Moroccan Gold’, it is obtained from the fruit of an argan tree and is a precious commodity - only 1 litre of argan oil is obtained from 30kg of fruit. Native to Morocco and rich in antioxidant vitamin E and Essential Fatty Acids, such as Linoleic acid (omega-6), protecting your skin from dryness, promoting firmness and supporting your skin’s natural moisture and oil balance.

Moringa Butter

Rich in omega fatty acids and antioxidants to soothe and protect the skin, particularly oleic acid which helps to support the skin barrier, sealing in hydration and protecting it from environmental insults. Great for dry and sensitive skin. It is also known to be particularly healing and anti-inflammatory. Similar to the oil naturally produced in the skin, it can help to balance and nourish without feeling greasy on the skin.

Sugar Squalane

Deeply moisturising, made from GMO-free sugar cane (a sustainable raw ingredient) with a chemical compound similar to squalene, a natural component found in our skin, instantly boosting skin’s hydration levels. This is a key ingredient in all our STEAMCREAM Moisturisers.

Galactomyces/ Fermented Olive Leaf Extract

Created by fermenting olive leaves with natural yeast, it contains a high level of polyphenols, moisturising and smoothing the skin, and helping to make pores less noticeable.

A Journey to Morocco

The Sahara Desert in Morocco occupies 60% of the country and brings with it a scorching sun and extremely dry land. ‘Moroccan Beauty’ was conceived over 1,000 years ago to protect the skin and hair from this harsh environment and has been handed down from generation to generation.

Our new Seasonals Line Moisturiser is inspired by a Steamcream trip to Morocco. Tangerine & Argane has been developed using carefully selected ingredients, and blending the scent of exotic jasmine with the scent of tangerine, creates a scent of sweet and bewitching exotic beauty. At a time when travel is still a little limited, let our Autumn Tangerine & Argane Moisturiser take you on a journey to Morocco.

Tangerine & Argane is our fourth Seasonals Line moisturiser. We hope you like the new addition to our Seasonals Line family - please let us know what you think if you try it!

We have just launched two new Moroccan-inspired designs on our website, perfect for bringing a bit of Morocco to your bathroom.

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