The Benefits of our Eucalyptus & Tea Tree Series for your Skin

The Benefits of our Eucalyptus & Tea Tree Series for your Skin

Mar 09, 2021Gemma McGoldrick

We launched our Eucalyptus & Tea Tree Series in February 2021, and it has proved to be a top seller among regular and new customers alike. The Series currently consists of the Eucalyptus & Tea Tree Cream and the Eucalyptus & Tea Tree Mist, both specifically designed for use on your face.

The unique membrane-like formulation of ET Cream traps pollen and other environmental allergens, helping reduce irritation to your eyes and nose. It also soothes and moisturises your face and areas experiencing chafing or irritation from mask-use, or the dreaded allergy-associated nose-blowing. The ET Mist gives your face a burst of refreshment and a boost of moisture, and the blend of Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Lemon Myrtle and Peppermint soothes congestion.


Wearing a mask for a long period of time causes a build-up of humidity in the mask. When removed, the moisture on your skin begins to evaporate, taking your skin’s moisture with it. To make matters worse, dry and sensitive skin can become damaged from the constant chafing of the mask. Our solution? Our Eucalyptus & Tea Tree cream.

Naturally derived components obtained from rapeseed and sunflower create a texture that sticks tightly together, trapping environmental allergens such as pollen and dust and preventing it from being inhaled. Camellia flower extract provides anti-wrinkle benefits by protecting the skin from air pollution and promoting the production of collagen, and camellia oil promotes healthy skin, gently moisturising chapped skin around the nose caused by excess nose-wiping. High in antioxidants, elderflower is said to suppress skin inflammation, protecting your skin from environmental stresses.

As with all our STEAMCREAM products, our ET Cream is 100% vegan and blended using 100% natural essential oils. This blend of eucalyptus, tea tree and lemon myrtle, said to have antibacterial and antiviral properties, and peppermint essential oil, reputed to have anti-inflammatory properties, eases mask discomfort with a crisp scent.


One of the most important things about our ET Mist is that it is alcohol-free, meaning it is skin-friendly and nonirritant. It relieves the discomfort and abrasions caused by wearing masks, as well as the discomfort, nasal itching and congestion caused by hayfever and other environmental allergens. Refreshing and sharp eucalyptus and tea tree are blended with the refreshingly crisp scent of peppermint and layered with the gentle scent of lemon myrtle. This perfectly harmonised mist eliminates mask discomfort, and the additional blend of oat kernel extract helps deliver essential moisture, leading to silky smooth skin.

This Mist can be used at any time, but we highly recommend spritzing it on your face before wearing your mask. Not only does it mean your mask smells fresh, it also gives your face a boost of moisture and helps alleviate congestion and nasal discomfort during the dreaded hay-fever season. It can also be used as an air freshener, or sprayed directly onto a handkerchief or pillow.

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