Why STEAMCREAM is a MUA kit essential this LFW

Why STEAMCREAM is a MUA kit essential this LFW

Feb 15, 2019Martyn Pearson

From the catwalks of LFW, to Paris and NYC, discover our top 3 reasons to include STEAMCREAM in your make-up kit this LFW.

Effective on all canvases

Sensitive skin – gentle, mild ingredients like an oat milk infusion, chamomile and lavender essential oils

Oily skin – orange flower water and jojoba to dissolve excess oil and dry skin – almond oil, cocoa butter and almond oil to smooth and hydrate

Combination – add moisture where needed, dissolve excess oils where needed Creates a smooth, radiant base for foundation

Rapidly absorbed by the skin

The unique process for creating STEAMCREAM makes it light and able to penetrate the skin almost instantly. Great for HD shoots.

Rapidly penetrates the skin without leaving any oily residue.

STEAMCREAM is an all-over moisturiser, perfect for rough areas like elbows, knees and heels so your models will be radiant from tip to toe.

Add to foundation to make a tinted moisturiser or all-over body foundation for younger models or full body photo shoots.

Add sugar, salt or oats for quick and easy exfoliation. Apply to lips for intense moisturisation.

Great for removing makeup quickly and cleanly

without stripping models skin of moisture or leaving an oily residue that hinders another makeup application

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