Frankincense & Pomegranate Moisturiser: Winter Seasonal Skincare

Frankincense & Pomegranate Moisturiser: Winter Seasonal Skincare

Nov 11, 2021Gemma McGoldrick

It’s that time of the year….Nope, not Christmas (although obviously, we love Christmas here at Steamcream) - the seasons have changed, so it’s time for our NEW Seasonals Line Moisturiser!

With the Original Moisturiser at its core, our Frankincense & Pomegranate Moisturiser has been specially developed as a mid-winter embrace for your skin. Poor circulation and a bitter climate leads to tight, flaky, irritated, uneven, and dry skin. This half-smoky-half-sweet, deeply-moisturising skin hydrator offers a comforting sense of hibernation, cocooning your winter-ravaged skin in intensely-hydrating ingredients and forming a protective shield against extreme climates, leaving skin feeling smooth and velvety.

This is wonderful to use both day and night for nourishing skin repair. It’s also great for targeted eye-contour skin support. Simply add a dab of cream to your ring finger (as it has the lightest touch) and gently tap around the eye contour area (from the brow bone to under the eyes). Massage in with a light circular motion to improve circulation in the cold months and help reduce dark eye circles, which are often more visible in blue winter light.

Mid-Winter Skin Concerns

Mid-Winter is the season when the cold becomes even more severe. Temperature and humidity levels plummet, and dryness accelerates. The cold and harsh winter wind increases, and combined with indoor heating this makes it the most severe season of the year for the skin. Moisture evaporates from the skin during this season, and it is difficult to keep adequate moisture levels. Mid-winter causes skin issues such as dryness, lack of firmness, irregular texture, stiffness and flaking. In order to increase blood circulation and cocoon the skin, a good moisturiser will help to lock in hydration, acting as a barrier against environmental aggressors.

Our Key Ingredients

So what targeted ingredients have we chosen for Frankincense & Pomegranate, and why?

Macadamia Seed Oil and Macadamia Nut Butter are deeply moisturising and with a light buttery feel. They give the skin both firmness and lustre, and contain palmitoleic acid, a plant oil that harmonises with the skin.

Moisturising Pomegranate Extract firms and smoothes the skin, and rare Pomegranate Seed Oil is anti-inflammatory and rich in antioxidant polyphenols to help soften, moisturise, plump and smooth the skin. It is particularly good at penetrating deeply into the skin so is effective for treating dry skin. Skin-conditioning Sage Leaf Extract gives skin lustre and keeps it looking healthy.
And finally, smoky and spicy Frankincense has been expertly blended with elegant, sweet Neroli to create a half-smoky-half-sweet blend sensation - perfect as a winter warmer, especially during the Christmas season.

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