Self-Care With Steamcream - Face, Head & Hands

Self-Care With Steamcream - Face, Head & Hands

Nov 03, 2021Gemma McGoldrick

Steamcream was founded with one clear mission: to Make Skincare Simple. Now that we’re heading into the colder months, our skin is crying out for extra hydration, as well as being in need of a circulation boost.

Turn your daily bathroom routine into a spa stay-cation with the help of Steamcream and some easy-to-follow at-home massage techniques to keep skin healthy all year round. This second blog focuses specifically on self-care for your face, head & hands.

  1. Face Massage

Alleviate stress in the face and scalp, improve muscle lift and lymphatic drainage with an at-home face and scalp massage that delivers:

  • Use the equivalent amount of around three blueberries of STEAMCREAM.
  • Dot over the entire face with fingertips.
  • Forehead: Using three fingers, massage your forehead for around a minute in a circular motion, sliding your fingers from the centre of your face outwards, towards the temples.
  • Soothing Eye Area: Use your middle and ring finger. Place your middle finger on the outer corner of the upper eyelid, and your ring finger on your lower eyelid, massaging very gently five times outwards towards the temples.
  • Cheeks: Using four fingers on each hand, massage cheeks from the base of your face upwards, lifting them using both hands, without exerting too much pressure.
  • Chin: Gently pinch your chin with your thumb and index finger, sliding along your jawline from the centre of your face to below your earlobes. Use your fingers to almost lift the jawline as you massage. Repeat five times to help relieve tension.

2. Neck Massage

Why does our neck need massaging? For those of us who sit hunched over our keyboards all day, any treatment that melts away stubborn shoulder knots and neck tension can only be a good thing:

  • Use the equivalent of one blueberry amount of STEAMCREAM on each shoulder.
  • Warm up in the palm of your hands and blend into your fingertips so it Is absorbed.
  • Place your palms on your neck and slowly massage down towards your collarbone.
  • Place your fingers on the centre of the upper back. While applying light pressure (just enough to relieve tension while remaining comfortable), massage in small circles to relieve tension out towards your shoulders.
  • After massaging for around one minute, slowly rotate your head clockwise and counter clockwise to finish.

3. Scalp Massage

Massaging pressure points on the top of your head can help release tension and relieve headaches:

  • Use the equivalent of around one to two blueberries of Original STEAMCREAM in dry hair. Alternatively, spritz either of the Mists a couple of times directly onto the scalp.
  • With the cream, apply to your hands and warm between the fingertips.
  • Massage into the crown with your fingertips in small circles, back and forth with strong pressure (as if you’re lathering up shampoo). Massage across the whole crown.
  • After massage, shampoo and rinse hair thoroughly.

4. Hand Massage

Our hard-working hands need regular attention. Release tension in the wrists and hands with this simple massage technique:

  • Use the equivalent of around one to two blueberries of STEAMCREAM and warm in the palm of your hands.
  • Grip the other wrist lightly with one hand, and twist gently left and right with the idea of turning a doorknob.
  • With your thumb and forefinger, twist each finger gently anti-clockwise to boost circulation.
  • Finish by sweeping the hand back and forth from the wrist, across the palm and to the fingertips. Repeat on the other hand.

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