Our 7 Seasons Seasonals Line Launches with Japanese Citrus Moisturiser

Our 7 Seasons Seasonals Line Launches with Japanese Citrus Moisturiser

May 07, 2021Gemma McGoldrick

Your skin is alive. Reborn 365 days of the year, it battles against the changing seasons. From the harsh cold and dry air, to intense heat and humidity, your skin goes through a lot.

Our Seasonals Line harnesses the power of natural ingredients to maximise the seasonal support your skin requires.

Whatever the season, we have skincare products specially developed for your skin’s seasonal experiences. We have carefully selected and blended the most suitable ingredients and essential oils for each season, ensuring they benefit your skin and soul with each seasonal change.

The first in our new Seasonals Line, Japanese Citrus has been developed for the early and mid-Summer months. Summer brings long, sunny days and sunshine, but it also brings many skin issues too. Overly air-conditioned offices can severely dry the skin, and more exposure to the sun can cause skin stress, including sunburn. Excess heat and humidity can cause sticky skin, caused by excess perspiration and sebum, and many people find their usual winter moisturisers too heavy for the summer season.

Japanese Citrus Moisturiser is beautifully light and fast-absorbing. With our hydrating Original Moisturiser at its base, the burst of citrus freshness is a total soul-soother. Blended with sugar squalane, skin-softening sudachi peel extract and Japanese yuzu, this cream will lightly moisturise and condition your skin, leaving it plump and soft without being sticky.

All the citrus used in our Japanese Citrus Moisturiser has been sourced in Japan, and this soul-soothing, refreshing blend of Japanese Yuzu, Kabosu, Iyokan and Tangerine essential oils will bring a burst of summer to your bathroom.

As with all our Moisturisers, Japanese Citrus can be used on the face as well as the hands and body. In addition to soothing and moisturising the face, it can be used to hydrate and massage summer-tired skin. It can also be used to combat the harming effects of harsh air-conditioning.

We will be launching seasonal-specific moisturisers for the rest of the year, so we hope you enjoy our 7 Seasons product range. And for anyone who doesn’t have the time or inclination to buy a new moisturiser each season…that’s just fine. We’re all about Making Skincare Simple, and all of our creams offer instant absorption and super hydration thanks to our unique steam process and oat milk base.

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