Our STEAMCREAM Tin Designs & Fabulous Artists

Our STEAMCREAM Tin Designs & Fabulous Artists

May 12, 2021Gemma McGoldrick

Steamcream has always wanted to create happiness through individual choice and expression, and although we know what’s inside the tin matters most, we also know that sometimes you want a little more choice.

When we launched in Japan in 2007, we decided to offer our customers a choice with our Steamcream tin designs. Want something chic? Kawaii? Luxurious? Off the wall? We try to offer a wide variety of aluminium tin designs, meaning you can pick the tin that best suits your mood, personality or decor. We hope our tins bring a little joy to your morning skincare routine!

Steamcream has designed over a whopping 1,100 tins to date, and sold over 10 million moisturisers worldwide. We use aluminium because it’s recyclable, but we love that many of our customers keep and reuse their tins when they’re finished with their moisturiser. We love that you love the designs so much that you decide to keep them.

We’d like to introduce a few of our tin designs to you, as well as the artists. What we are most proud of is that we collaborate with a host of artists, from embroidery experts to graphic designers, to create different styles. Here are a few of the tin designs we currently have on offer, and a little about the fabulous artists who designed them.

We love working with our totally talented artists, creating a selection of designs to help brighten up your everyday. We hope you love them too.


Gioielli con gelati, designed by the hugely talented Mako Kikkawa. Her medium? Embroidery. She creates her designs using embroidery, and Steamcream produces the tin based on her design. Her embroidery is utterly stunning and we hope our tin design does it justice. Follow her on Instagram @makokikkawa to see more of her creations!


Our beautiful LUANA tin was designed by the hugely talented Tomomi Miyata. An illustrator, she excels in feminine, colourful designs with a watercolour touch. Follow her on Instagram @mia.tokyo to see more of her beautiful work.


Our refreshing Eucalyptus & Tea Tree Cream tin was designed by Takayuki Totsuka. A graphic designer, he helped us bring the ambience of a European apothecary to the product, with the refreshing eucalyptus, tea tree and lemon myrtle essential oils drawn in deep green to evoke images of medicinal herbs. Follow him on Instagram at @takayuki_totsuka_design to see more of his work.

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