The Benefits of Toner for your skin

The Benefits of Toner for your skin

Feb 25, 2021Gemma McGoldrick

If you’ve read my blog about cleansing, and my dismissal of cleansing until I realised my once youthful complexion wasn’t nearly as youthful any more, then you can probably guess that toner was even further off my radar.

I like to do my research when I write about products though, so for the past week I have been using toner morning and evening before my moisturiser. The last time I used a toner was in the 90s, when it was so astringent it felt like I’d put rubbing alcohol all over my face. Toners were bought and abandoned and I didn’t even consider toner again until joining the STEAMCREAM team.

What a different experience it was this time. Toners have been totally overhauled, and rather than focusing on removing excess oils and impurities, the focus is now on hydration. It looks like water but feels a little more viscous than water in your hand. You can use reusable cotton pads, but I preferred to put the toner directly in the palm of my hand and gently pat it across my face. There’s no need to rinse it afterwards, just put your moisturiser on top.

The key benefit of toner is hydration - it prepares your skin with a boost of moisture so your skin better absorbs your moisturiser. It is also said to minimise the appearance of pores, temporarily tightening the skin. Using a toner not only allows for better hydration, but also helps the skin better retain that moisture.

Some specialists recommend applying toner within 1 minute of cleansing to maximise absorption. I managed that more because I’m always in a rush, and I can’t say whether that within 1 minute helped, but my skin definitely felt more springy and plump than it did after only using a moisturiser.

Time is a premium, so I can’t say I’ll use toner every morning and evening, but I definitely saw enough of an improvement in my skin’s hydration that at a minimum, I’ll use it at night. I also needed to use less moisturiser than normal (well, the first time I did use my normal amount and it went a LOT further than normal!!), so that will mean my moisturiser lasts that little bit longer.


We launched our new Toner in the UK in February 2021. Blended with oat kernel extract, aloe and 9 essential oils this toner quickly penetrates the skin, leaving it radiant and firm.

Oat kernel extract is abundant in amino acids, which support the barrier function of the skin while also keeping it hydrated. Mineral-rich carrageenan boosts the skin’s softness, lustre and moisture, and aloe relieves skin stress. The soothing blend of three plant extracts (Lavender extract, Rosemary extract and Camomile extract) leads to perfectly hydrated and revitalised skin. The essential oils used are a luxurious blend of Lavender, Petitgrain, Neroli, Chamomile, Damask rose, Geranium, Lemon, Spearmint and Lavandin.

All our STEAMCREAM products are 100% vegan-based, meaning our products are animal and planet-friendly. We believe skincare should be effective first and foremost, benefiting your skin while remaining gentle. The essential oils we choose are used at the lowest possible levels to provide your skin with maximum active benefits while avoiding skin sensitisation. And the added benefit? Sensory enjoyment.

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