STEAMCREAM Cleansing Balm 70g Tin

The Importance of Cleansing and why we created our new Cleansing Balm

Feb 15, 2021Gemma McGoldrick

Cleansing was always a non-essential part of my skincare routine. At best I would half-heartedly wash my face and hope for the best. No cleansing balm, cleansing lotion or micellar cleanser because it all sounded far too complicated and time-consuming. But as I’ve become older, the sudden realisation that I have accumulated some additional wrinkles, and that my skin is exceedingly less springy than in my youth, has somewhat spurred me on. I’ve become a little more open to the fact that perhaps cleansing is, actually, quite important.

Washing your face can strip away some of the natural oils and sebum the skin produces, leaving your skin dry. Cleansing is a way of gently removing environmental allergens, impurities, excess skin oils and make-up without placing too much strain on the skin. Choosing the right cleanser for your skin is really important, and be sure to choose one that isn’t overly harsh.

STEAMCREAM’s New Cleansing Balm

Until joining STEAMCREAM, I had only ever used one cleansing balm. It was totally luxurious, but it did leave my skin feeling a little too sticky. A bit too sticky to sleep on, so I didn’t really use it as regularly as I should have.

I first used the new STEAMCREAM Cleansing Balm just before Christmas, and although I only needed to test it, I’ve actually used it daily and have nearly finished my first tin. Total honesty here - as a parent of a young child, morning cleansing is not on the cards. But using it at night has made my skin feel silky smooth and it doesn't leave any trace of stickiness after use.

Made with the same blend of 4 essential oils as the original STEAMCREAM moisturiser (Lavender, Neroli, Chamomile and Rose), it harnesses the power of almond oil, sugar squalane, grapeseed oil and oat kernel oil to glide like silk while softly conditioning and moisturising the skin. Instead of the ‘wipe and rinse’ of a traditional liquid cleanser, the unique formula means the state of this balm evolves three times between application and rinsing. It starts as a balm (the Balm Phase), evolving into an oil (the Oil Phase) with the warmth of your skin. The oil gently penetrates your skin, cleansing and gently removing impurities. Finally, as you begin to rinse with lukewarm water it becomes more like a milk (the Milk Phase), which gently removes make-up.

Just like our original STEAMCREAM moisturiser, it’s 100% vegan and is packaged in an aluminium tin. Why aluminium? Because it’s lightweight, and one of the most recyclable materials available. Since launching in 2007, using aluminium tins has saved an equivalent of 300,000kg of plastic being produced. So you can use our product in the warm glow of knowing you are doing your bit for our planet.

Obviously, we are totally biased because we developed it and think it’s wonderful, but we would love you to try it and give us your feedback. Let us know if you have any questions, and keep an eye out for more blog posts.

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