Autumn Skincare with Steamcream

Autumn Skincare with Steamcream

Oct 08, 2021Gemma McGoldrick

Autumn is the start of the harshest season for our skin. We’ve been exposed to lots of sun (ahem) and UV rays during the summer, and our skin is trying to refresh and replenish itself to soothe this summer fatigue. Autumn also sees the start of the colder weather, and as the temperature and humidity levels drop, our skin becomes less able to retain water, more delicate and dry. More hot baths and showers and central heating can exacerbate this.

So what can we do during these Autumn months to better support our already delicate skin, and provide it with a much needed pamper? We’ve collected together some easy and minimum-fuss tips for your Autumn skincare below.

Regular cleansing is a fundamental step as it helps remove any impurities and make-up, allowing the moisturiser to better penetrate your skin. It doesn’t need to take ages, but the action of cleansing actually increases blood flow to the skin, so it’s also best not to rush the process. Our 3-phase Cleansing Balm is applied to dry skin, warms to an oil, and then turns into a milk cleanser as you add a little water. You can also use it in the shower, but it’s best not to put your face directly under the water as this can strip the skin of its natural oils. Keep the water lukewarm if possible - hot water can further dry the skin.

Your choice of moisturiser during the colder months is also important. During the summer, a lighter cream better supports your skin, but some skin requires a richer cream during the Autumn and Winter months. Richer creams will help rebuild your damaged skin barrier, and our Yuzu & Ginger and Tangerine & Argane Moisturisers help form a protective barrier over the skin, locking in hydration and preventing water from escaping.
If you have oiler skin, however, you may find that thicker creams clog your skin, and it becomes even oilier. Your skin still needs a hydration boost, but a fast-absorbing, light moisturiser like our Original cream is perfect, as it’s not too heavy.

Exfoliating can help your skin, but don’t assume because your skin is flaky, it needs harsh exfoliation. This can actually exacerbate the issue, as your skin is crying out for more moisture.

There are lots of scrubs on the market, but why not try our homemade scrub? It’s simple, free and totally natural - just use your regular moisturiser and add a soft sugar, such as this light brown sugar. The image below shows the perfect moisturiser to sugar ratio - aim for 2:1.
This should be made just before it is used - please don't store this pre-made for later.

Scrubs are great but try not to use them too much - aim for once a week, and it’ll keep your skin soft and supple, but not over-stressed.

Finally, try and eat a nutritionally rich and seasonal diet. Harvest season is the perfect time of year to eat fresh, nutrient-rich food. Squash, such as butternut & pumpkin, are rich in beta-carotene, which supports your skin function as well as skin cell renewal! Gut health is linked to skin health, so why not try probiotic yoghurts or drinks, such as kefir, to support your gut health?

Let us know if you have any special Autumn skincare tips you like to share with us - we love hearing from our customers, and we especially love hearing your special tried and tested tips!

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