Our Pure Steam Process

How it’s made matters

We believe that the manufacturing process affects the texture, quality and effectiveness of our creams just as much as the ingredients we use.

STEAMCREAM is handmade in small batches by our artisans in Japan using our unique Pure STEAM Process  - a unique steam emulsification technique first noted as being used in France in the 1800s.

This technique achieves a cream that is truly light and easily absorbed by the skin without degrading the natural properties of the nourishing ingredients.

Large Droplet Delivery

Our unique Pure STEAM process ensures the natural, nutritional benefits contained within each ingredient is preserved. Traditional techniques where the cream is mixed mechanically, results in a tight, dense texture that is harder for the skin to absorb and can block pores.

Handmade, steam-powered STEAMCREAM has a significantly looser emulsification. The result? Faster absorption, nourishing and supporting the skin’s natural barrier function.

Parisian ingenuity meets Japanese excellence

First used in France in the 1800’s, we rediscovered a steam emulsification process while we were looking for a cream formula that would be light texture, perfect for the face and balanced for the whole body.

After much research, we developed our Pure Steam Process to use high-temperature steam to minimise the amount of emulsifier used and retain the natural properties of ingredients.

Quality before Quantity

Our unique STEAM-powered manufacturing method can only be achieved by hand, so our Japanese artisans hand-make all our Steamcream in small batches.

We have always made our products in this manner, and we always will.

Keeping things Simple

We do not like to complicate things unnecessarily. Our creams are all blended with simple, age-old ingredients such as oats, almond oil and cocoa butter. Emulsified with Pure Steam, the result is light, fast-absorbing whole-body creams perfect for keeping your skin healthy and moisturised, 365-days a year.