Our Natural Commitment


We are responsible for how we act. Our products and the journey to reach our customers is within our control. We commit ourselves to actively managing Steamcream and business in ways to make our customer experience maximized while minimizing our impact on the earth. Our mission is to make great products and create happy people.

This is our natural commitment to you:

  • Maximize use of natural materials but also include synthetics when they are better
  • Eliminate and reduce. Less paper, less plastic, less energy…anywhere we can, less.
  • Plan for a second life with the packaging we do use whenever possible.
  • Be digital. Online content that is easy to access and engaging; print less
  • Focus on quality and great design. Better unique experience over more options.

It is our responsibility to address the issue of any plastic waste we produce and contribute positively to a sustainable future.

As part of this mission, our founding shareholders Silverwood Brands PLC have made a significant investment in an organisation called Greenback. Greenbacks team is at the forefront of providing innovative solutions for tackling plastic waste and recycling it back into food-grade plastic.

Greenback's mission is two-fold. Firstly, they focus on developing advanced recycling technologies that can efficiently transform plastic waste into high-quality, safe materials suitable for food packaging. By doing so, they contribute to the reduction of plastic pollution and the conservation of valuable resources.

Secondly, Greenback recognises the challenges and issues that can arise within the recycling industry. To address this, they have implemented a comprehensive certification system that ensures transparency, accountability, and integrity throughout the recycling process. This certification system helps combat any potential mischief, ensuring that recycled materials are used responsibly and meet stringent quality standards.

By partnering with Greenback, we are actively supporting their pioneering efforts in plastic recycling and sustainable packaging solutions. Our collaboration enables us to incorporate recycled and food-grade plastics into our packaging, reducing our environmental impact while maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety.