Our Story

Steamcream was established in Japan over 15 years ago by a small team sharing a clear and simple vision - to provide a straightforward yet effective approach to skincare. Using just a few select products, STEAMCREAM’s mission is to help customers achieve skin they are happy with.

Ethically Produced

We believe everyone deserves skin they are happy with, and all our products have been developed with this in mind. 100% vegan and cruelty-free, we’re proud to say that all Steamcream products are ethically produced.

We are committed to eliminating waste where possible and encourage our customers to repurpose our packaging. Made using recyclable aluminium, each beautifully designed tin can be kept and repurposed once the product has been finished!

Simple Products: Great Skin

We are passionate about sourcing naturally-derived, high quality and effective ingredients, chosen specifically for their skin benefits.

Simple ingredients such as oatmeal, cocoa butter, almond and jojoba oil are harnessed for their highly moisturising, skin-conditioning and soothing properties, harmoniously supporting the skin’s natural barrier function.

Quality First

We understand that how a product is made impacts its quality just as much as the ingredients used.

Steamcream combines high-quality, naturally derived ingredients, emulsified using our unique STEAM-powered emulsification process.

Handmade in small batches by our artisans in Japan, our unique Pure STEAM process ensures the natural, nutritional benefits contained within each ingredient is preserved.

The looser emulsification results in nourishing large droplet delivery, and a fast-absorbing, light-textured cream.

Skincare at its best

We are a Japanese business with English roots and inspiration from a French production process. We began STEAMCREAM in 2006 in Japan, where we could find skilled artisans to remaster the delicate and time-consuming manual steam technique for making cream emulsifications.

True to our Japanese heritage, we embrace superior quality and performance wrapped in the philosophy of simplicity. Our customers are looking for simple, effective skincare that is gentle on their skin and the planet. STEAMCREAM is simple skincare at its best.


Using only the highest quality ingredients, our products are cruelty-free, vegan and rich in natural goodness.