Beat the Heat! Keeping yourself safe & cool this summer

Beat the Heat! Keeping yourself safe & cool this summer

Jun 15, 2022Gemma McGoldrick

So they’re predicting a heatwave, and even if it’s only a 3-day one…..we need to keep safe when the temperature rockets. So how can we stay safe during these hot spells?

We’ve combined some government advice on how best to protect yourself and your loved ones this summer. Babies, children and people over 75 are most susceptible, so keep an eye on anyone who needs that extra support.

5 Tips to Protect Yourself During a Heatwave

  1. Keep hydrated & avoid excess alcohol

Keep that body hydrated by making sure you drink more water than normal. It can be tempting to enjoy lots of beers and mojitos when the sun is shining but……in moderation is best. Alcohol dehydrates you, and in the really hot weather, you need to make sure your body has enough water (and salt) to help cool your body to counteract the heat.

  1. Dress appropriately for the weather

Try to keep out of the midday sun (between 11-3 when the sun is really strong), and rather than man-made fibres, try natural fibres like cotton and linen. Loose-fitting and lightweight is best. Avoid darker colours as they absorb the heat, but also make sure that any clothes you wear aren’t too shear, or you may end up with unexpected sunburn (ahem, been there, done that….!). And definitely don’t forget that SPF - on your face and body. There are more SPF moisturisers and face-specific sun lotions now, meaning you have more options to avoid that telltale sunscreen ‘shine’ on your face.

  1. Slow down when it’s hot

Your body is working really hard to cool you down, so try and slow things down a little. Exercise in the morning and evening, when it’s cooler, and don’t do the gardening/ big walk/ dog walking in the midday sun.

  1. Find somewhere cool/ make your house cool

Keep blinds and curtains shut where you can, and that will help keep certain rooms cool. If you can, open windows so you get a good through-breeze, and use fans to help cool the air. If you’re out and about, try and find cooler spaces/ areas in the shade etc. to give yourself a break from the heat.

  1. Watch out for heat-related illnesses

Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are two very real dangers when the temperatures rise. Make sure you’re protecting yourself and your loved ones, and learn to spot the signs of either of these illnesses so you can seek medical assistance.

High temperatures in the day probably mean that your house will feel like a sauna when it’s time to sleep….which in turn can make it difficult to get that much-needed repose. Cool showers, fans (to circulate air around the room, not aimed directly on your skin) and light-weight bedding can help. And of course products like our Ice Mint Body Mist and Ice Mint Body Gel, are body-focused cooling products that can help reduce some discomfort during the day and night.

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