Festival Skincare Tips

Festival Skincare Tips

Jun 19, 2019Martyn Pearson

Our most favourite time of the year has finally arrived- that’s right, it’s the festival season! Floral headbands, cut off shorts and crop tops at the ready, we are super excited to be partying in the fields with friends and loved ones this summer.

Whilst the arrival of festival season is obviously the highlight of our social calendar, it is often met with equal amounts of anticipation and unease in the beauty department. Whilst festivals call for strong directional fashion and beauty looks, these also have to be created with a minimum effort, not to mention the need to pack light.

As an office of seasoned summer festival goers, we feel as though we have just about perfected our festival beauty line-up, and have compiled our top tips for festival skincare success!

Cleanse, Cleanse Cleanse!

We prefer to carry products that have multitasking properties, to help with travelling lighter.

For cleansing the skin, we recommend a cleanser that both cleanses and tones the skin, and one that gives you a deep cleansing feeling! For deep cleansing ingredients, look out for cleansers that include clay or mud, as clay has the ability to absorb excess oils, dirt and harmful toxins from the skin.

You can also opt for tea tree oil based cleansers for that cooling and fresh-faced feeling. You can then finish off by applying STEAMCREAM in small circular motions to add moisture to the skin, with essential oils such as Lavender and Chamomile blue to hydrate your skin all day long.

Moisture Is The Key!

Our STEAMCREAM 30ml mini tin is perfect for your festival survival kit, as it can be used to moisturize. However, it can also be used as a cleanser by simply using a cotton pad with a coin-sized amount of STEAMCREAM to gently cleanse away any grease or dirt and dust from the day.

Keep Make Up to a Minimum!

Choose makeup that is essential, and choosing some products that multi-task, will be beneficial to save even more space in your festival backpack.

As an extra tip: Our multi-purpose STEAMCREAM can also be dabbed onto the lips to keep your lips soft and preventing them from cracking in the summer heat.

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