Happy White Day!?

Happy White Day!?

Mar 04, 2020Martyn Pearson

If you’re reading this from the western hemisphere, you might be wondering what we’ve just wished you. Well – in some Asian countries, Valentine’s Day is an occasion when women give special gifts to men to show their affection; it’s generally the opposite in western countries, where the woman is not even obliged to get her man anything (poor things). But it’s not all bad for the ladies, as they have their counterpart in ‘White Day’.

Occurring on the 14th March every year, it’s the menfolk’s chance to return the lovely gifts (usually of confectionary or some other sentimental token) that the women gave to them on Valentine’s Day. You could say there is more equality in this practice than there is in the west.

Traditionally, the theme of the gift should be white – however, this is no longer a necessity, and the man can feel free to give anything that he thinks would mean the most to the woman. The care and attention that has gone into the gift, rather than the cost, is held in high regard by both sexes. Because the nature of the gift must be highly individual to reflect your partner’s tastes, a STEAMCREAM tin is the ideal gift; with so many unique designs, you’re sure to find something to suit that special lady in your life. As an Anglo-Japanese brand, we hope that our colleagues over the pond get lots of lovely goodies on this special day!

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