How to Get Naturally Sun-kissed Skin

How to Get Naturally Sun-kissed Skin

Jul 16, 2018Martyn Pearson

There’s nothing like the natural bronze of sun-kissed skin. A look which radiates health and vitality, it is little wonder the moment the sun peeks its head, the nation whips into a sun-tanning frenzy.

But what can we do to nurture good skin health?

Sunscreen up

A decent sunscreen the first step to achieving the right level of bronze, and a tan that remains. Choosing SPF 30 or above helps provide adequate protection while allowing us to bronze naturally. Always opt for a waterproof screen which blocks both UVA and UVB, reapplying frequently.

If you burn, the bronze will not last long.

A healthy tan needs more than vitamin D

We have all experienced the winter blues as we yearn for the summer sun. Vitamin D deficiency can be the cause, but to preserve our sunny disposition, we need other vitamins as well.

Biotin – also known as vitamin H – is the essential nutrient for good hair, nails and skin. It helps convert food into energy while giving our complexion a gentle boost. Most of us get enough through our regular diet. However, biotin supplements are available if we feel the need to top up.

A rosy complexion thanks to Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a popular remedy for sunburn; but did you know it also aids tone and complexion, enhancing the appearance of our skin? When freshly extracted, the juice helps remove toxins, plus returns much-needed moisture for healthy plumpness.

So, after a day slathered in sunscreen, it can be the perfect dual-boost; cleansing the face while replenishing lost water.

Tone up with Turmeric

Turmeric is much-vaunted for its wide-ranging health benefits; so, the fact it helps the skin should come as little surprise.

The rhizome reduces inflammation, adding a freshness to the complexion while making the skin feel softer and suppler to the touch. Moreover, if you have a flare-up of a skin condition, turmeric can be a miracle cure, so is often worth trying.

The secrets of Saffron

When we eat saffron, it helps cleanse the blood and removes blemishes from our skin. Moreover, if added to a moisturiser, it can rejuvenate dry and tired complexions as well as protecting our skin from further sun damage.

Moisturise to maintain

To ensure your sun-kissed skin lasts, ensure you moisturise at least once or twice a day. Steamcream has been made with natural ingredients to nourish your skin, including chamomile to soften dry skin, sweet almond oil which contains anti-ageing Vitamin E and cocoa butter which helps defend against ageing. This makes it perfect for sun-kissed skin and all year round.

4 Steps to Perfect Skin

At the end of the day, a radiant expression takes effort. So, follow these four steps to stay looking fresh throughout the year.

  1. Know Your Skin Type: Dry, oily, sensitive, or normal; your skin type will dictate the products you use.
  2. Cleanse: When you know your skin type, choose a product to compliment, then make sure to have a daily cleansing routine to keep your pores clear.
  3. Moisturise: Once clean, moisturise the damp skin to seal in moisture and keep you looking forever young.
  4. Daily: You can over-wash your face; so, aim to follow your regime just once-per-day – preferably before bed to give your pores time to breathe overnight.

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