Making Skincare Simple

Making Skincare Simple

Mar 27, 2021Gemma McGoldrick

STEAMCREAM is on a mission to Make Skincare Simple. We won't ever bring out products that promise you the earth, wrinkle-free skin, or to instantly become 10 years younger with a magic serum. We are offering you Simplicity in skincare. The main motivation behind our products is providing you with a skincare line to better Moisturise, Protect and Support your skin.

We know we're in the minority, but we don't launch products just to have something new to say. When we develop a product that works, we keep it. We know our long-term customers love us precisely because we don't replace products they love with something new. Our Original STEAMCREAM Moisturiser was all we offered for nearly 10 years here in the UK.

We also won't talk about what we DON'T put in our products, we only talk about what we DO. We want you to know exactly what ingredients we choose, and how they benefit your skin. We will never promise to be 100% natural just for the sake of marketing. We use ingredients we know work, and most importantly that are safe for your skin.

We hope you like our Simple Approach to Skincare


For ten years, our only product in the UK was our Original STEAMCREAM Moisturiser. Our light, beautifully fragranced cream hydrates and soothes, providing you with moisturised, smooth skin. We believe in supporting your skin 365 days of the year, and that all skin should be treated equally. That’s why our moisturiser can actually be used all over the body, and is perfect as a non-sticky, hydrating hand cream. One mighty and beautifully designed tin of STEAMCREAM is the ultimately portable peace of mind.


We have developed three types of Protect products: UV Protection, Heat Protection and Environmental Protection. We are surrounded by pollutants that damage our skin, such as pollen, PM2.5, the threat of bacteria and viruses. Our Eucalyptus & Tea Tree Series, launched in February 2021, protects the skin from external allergens, soothes chafed and irritated skin, and supports our skin’s barrier function. Our UV and Heat Protection products will be launching in the UK this summer.


Moisturise and Protect requires clean, prepared skin. STEAMCREAM has developed products that help customers properly prepare their skin to maximise the efficacy of our Moisturise and Protect products. Our Cleansing Balm blends almond oil and sugar squalane to gently cleanse the skin. Our Toner blends aloe vera, oat kernel extract and essential oils to give your skin a burst of hydration before applying your moisturiser.

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