Shea Butter

A super-hydrator, this soothing ingredient helps prevent water evaporation, moisturising and repairing even the driest skin.

What is Shea Butter?

Obtained from Shea nuts grown at specific latitudes in Africa, Shea Butter has highly moisturising properties, meaning it is suitable for dry skin. Highly moisturising, it strengthens the skin’s barrier function and is said to protect against inflammation caused by UV-exposure and environmental pollution. Contains natural allantoin, a water-soluble hydrator and anti-inflammatory agent thought to support healing wounds.

Why do we use it?

A super-hydrator, Shea Butter helps prevent water evaporation and moisturises even the driest skin. Melting at body temperature, it blends harmoniously the moment it is applied, absorbs effectively into the skin, hydrating and preventing dryness. Contains natural allantoin which moisturises and repairs extremely dry skin.

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