Sugar Squalane

Highly moisturising yet light and non-sticky, this GMO-free ingredient improves the skin's softness, flexibility and smoothness.

What is Sugar Squalane?

Sourced from GMO-free sugar cane (a sustainable raw ingredient), deeply moisturising Sugar Squalane has a chemical compound similar to squalene, a natural component found in our skin. This highly comforting ingredient glides like silk and blends seamlessly with the skin as it soothes and nourishes.

Why do we use it?

Sugar Squalane instantly boosts skin’s hydration levels and naturally seals in moisture. It helps to rebuild the skin's barrier function and encourages healthier, more resilient skin. Though it benefits all skin types (including sensitive), thanks to its well-documented emollient properties it can be especially beneficial for people with dry skin issues and/or mature skin.