New year, new you? Absolutely not!

New year, new you? Absolutely not!

Jan 21, 2022Gemma McGoldrick

New year, new skincare regime? Quite possibly!

Well, when we say 'New', we actually want to say, does it spark joy? I mean, you have to be a real beauty & skincare lover to ENJOY the skincare routine, obviously, but does it bring you satisfaction in the 'I've only got 5 minutes, and I need to look video-conference-ready' kind of way?

Over the past few weeks on social media we have been introducing 6 ways to reassess your skincare for 2022, without having to buy stuff, fill your bathroom with things you'll use twice and then forget about, or get rid of that entire collection of eye shadows you're saving because 'you might need them one day'. Or is that just me…..?

Our 6 recommendations are…..

1. Detox your skin

Be it kitchen discos or going 'out out', you may have been partying hard over the festive season and it's starting to show. Your skin might look tired and more congested if you've not been removing make-up quite as well as normal, or you've not been getting a full night's sleep.

Our recommended detox solution?

  1. Support your skin with a gentle cleanser that won’t strip the skin of moisture to help remove impurities
  2. Follow with toner – it adds a boost of moisture, supports the barrier function of the skin, minimises the appearance of pores and helps your skin better absorb the next step…
  3. Your moisturiser - choose whatever makes your skin sing, and gives you that all important glow

We recommend our Steamcream Cleansing Balm, Toner, and either our Original Moisturiser or a Seasonals Line Moisturiser, but use what your skin feels most comfortable with.

2. Revitalise Your Complexion

Just five minutes of skin stimulation with small, circular movements using your fingertips will help to revitalise the complexion, so we recommend applying moisturiser to different points of the face – forehead, cheeks and chin – before massaging in.
Choose a cream that’s particularly beneficial at rejuvenating dull, winter skin – our Frankincense and Pomegranate and Rose Absolute Moisturisers are perfect for this. And if your skin is feeling particularly irritated from the elements, a face mist used during the day (under or over makeup) infused with soothing and refreshing ingredients will help to tone down redness and soothe congestion. Our Eucalyptus & Tea Tree Mist is perfect for spritzing during the day to help alleviate dryness, and give you an afternoon pick-me up!

3. Multi-task your Moisturiser

Embrace a life less complicated – double up on product usage, rather than juggle multiple products. Did you know that your favourite Steamcream moisturiser can be applied in a thicker layer as a mask and left on for 15 minutes to give skin a more intense burst of hydration?

And even better, our Moisturisers aren't just for the face, they can also be used as a hand cream or top-to-toe body moisturiser. Our 300ml pump bottles are perfect for people who love the Original Moisturiser and want the convenience of a larger bottle.

Skincare should be simple!

4. Breathe Deep

Steam is at the heart of everything we do, so why not include steam as part of a daily winter skincare routine? Add two to four drops of essential oil to a steaming basin of hot water and inhale. Use long, deep breaths, rather than short shallow gulps of air, to help your body expel waste. You know you’re doing it correctly if your stomach rises as you inhale.

The steam will also bring a rush of blood to the skin’s surface for instant glow, before finishing with your moisturiser application.

5. Do the Dip or Drip test

For unbeatable winter hydration, particularly on dry areas of the body, look for a cream with an emollient-rich ingredient.

To test for richness, dip your finger in the cream - it should stick rather than drip off. Shea butter is an emollient-rich ingredient that melts at body temperature so blends harmoniously into skin the moment it is applied, and helps to prevent water evaporation.
We highly recommend our Rose Absolute moisturiser, as it is rich yet gentle, harnessing targeted ingredients to support your skin during the winter months.

6. Ask yourself ‘Does this spark joy?’

OK, so at the beginning of the article when I said we wouldn't ask you to throw away lots of make-up you never use, but like having for a rainy day? I may have lied a little…. But equally, we likely won't be listening to our own advice anyway, so take this with a pinch of salt if you love your collection....!

Channelling Marie Kondo (just for skincare, no need to tackle your wardrobe), ask yourself ‘Does this spark joy?’.

Turn out the contents of your beauty drawer and take a long hard look. Are there products staring back at you that have hardly been touched? Ask yourself 'Does it give my skin life? Do I cherish it until the very last drop?' Now it’s time to de-clutter!

We hope that Steamcream not only gives the gift of soft, hydrated skin, but our beautifully-designed tins can be brought back to life and re-used once the moisturiser has been enjoyed.

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