Rose Absolute: A Winter Embrace for your Skin

Rose Absolute: A Winter Embrace for your Skin

Jan 13, 2022Gemma McGoldrick

While you were distracted by Christmas and all things glittery, we actually launched a new Seasonals Line Moisturiser. But even though we didn’t actually talk about it, it has proven really popular, so here’s a belated blog explaining exactly what ingredients we have chosen and why it’s such a fabulous winter-warmer for your skin.

With the Original Moisturiser at its core, our Rose Absolute Moisturiser uses targeted ingredients to create a rich, sumptuous cream for fragile winter skin. Deeply-nourishing emollients like Shea Butter and Damask Rose Wax combine with skin-conditioning Damask Rose Flower Extract to soothe and strengthen winter-weary skin, forming a veil-like barrier to nourish and prevent moisture loss. Its rich texture means it’s perfect for daytime and nighttime skin support.

Winter Skin Concerns

When the temperature outside dips, our skin reacts. Cold and windy weather can aggravate even the oiliest skin, while central heating literally zaps the moisture out from our skin barrier. The result? Dry skin in winter is a common skincare complaint. Rather than a smooth, supple texture, skin feels rough and uneven to the touch.

Your Skin Goal during these cold months? To soothe and strengthen wintery-weary skin morning and evening, locking in hydration, increasing blood circulation and cocooning the skin against environmental aggressors.

The Power of Rose

Rosa Damascena (Damask Rose) is considered to be the best perfumery rose in the world. The cultivation of Damask Rose requires hard work and dedication with the petals handpicked very early in the morning before the sun strikes them, while the dew is still on the ground.

And not only does rose have a distinctive fragrance, it also possesses skin-beautifying, hydrating and youth-boosting properties. It can transform dry skin into smooth and contains skin-nourishing vitamins and essential fatty acids to help rejuvenate skin. Rose also helps to soothe and calm sensitive skin and reduce irritation. Containing natural Vitamin C, it can help brighten the complexion.

Our Key Ingredients

So what targeted ingredients have we chosen for Rose Absolute and why?

Our first-star ingredient is Shea Butter. This is a deeply-nourishing emollient that melts at body temperature, meaning it blends harmoniously into the skin the moment it is applied. Easily absorbed, it helps to prevent water evaporation and is a fantastic moisturising ingredient for even the driest of skins.

The second superstar is Damask Rose. Did you know that very few skincare products use the Damask Rose in its entirety? Well, Steamcream’s Rose Absolute is bursting with it!

  • Damask Rose Flower Water is extracted from steam distillation and known for its skin purifying and youth-boosting properties.
  • Skin-conditioning Damask Rose Flower Extract promotes skin firmness, smoothness and lustre, helping to restore the skin’s natural balance and provide hydration.
  • Powerful emollient Damask Rose Flower Wax has highly moisturising properties and supports the skin’s natural barrier function to prevent further water evaporation, leading to firmer, more lustrous skin.
  • Valuable and aromatic Damask Rose Flower Oil is extracted from the Damask Rose and gives Rose Absolute its bright, clean and beautifully distinctive fragrance.

This is one of those creams you can imagine using year-round. Perfect for total care in the winter, and perfect to continue using as a night cream even during the warmer weather. We hope you like this new addition to our Seasonals Line family!

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